We envision a world that promotes the purpose and the right of every human person through education.

The principle of Cathy Hammer Secondary School

Cathy Hammer Secondary School follows the Motto: Holistic Education for Human Development. Holistic Education integrates the development of the student’s individual strengths including their intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. Moreover, it involves learning about healthy relationships and pro-social behaviour to encourage personal and collective responsibility. Through the holistic educational approach, we prepare our students for the challenges of living as well as for their continued academic path.

This is achieved by competence-based learning and the encouragement of the students to engage themselves in the teaching and learning process. Find out more about the curriculum offered at Cathy Hammer Secondary School:

We intend to implement openness, tolerance, and curiosity so as to meet the challenges of living as well as academics.

The role of the Rosminian Fathers

The Rosminian Fathers started their development work in East Africa in the year 1945. Today, the congregation is present in Tanzania and Kenya. Their origin goes back to Italy where they have been founded in 1828 by Blessed Fr. Antonio Rosmini. Since then, the Rosminian Fathers have always based their work on the principles of empowerment, participation and inclusion.

The role of the congregation is to support the people in decision making to resolve pertinent issues affecting their lives independently. It is therefore to help the society making changes for themselves and to select its own priorities.

Consequently, the Rosminian Fathers have established a variety of educational interventions in East Africa in addition to their pastoral and social work. Today, this includes formal school and community education, development of young people’s vocation and life-long learning.

The need for a school in Lushoto

There is still a large number of students remaining at home and missing out further education due to a lack of available secondary schools. Moreover, the Government Institution has revealed that government schools lack behind in terms of achieving the required standards. Hence, private schools have taken responsibility to provide sufficient school places and good quality education.
Cathy Hammer Secondary School has stepped in to meet this crucial demand in Lushoto, according to the saying of late President of Tanzania Julius Nyerere: "it can be done, play your part".