The Project

The strategy of Cathy Hammer Secondary School

The overall aim of the project is to provide a quality secondary education:

  1. for children that would otherwise not be catered for in their living area and
  2. in a district that experiences a high failure rate in exams for secondary level (49%). 

Cathy Hammer Secondary School responds to the national call for private participation in the provision of high-quality education and creates an opportunity for every child to access education. It will contribute to achieve the Tanzania Vision 2025: to be a nation with high level of education at all levels.

Eventually, Cathy Hammer Secondary school shall pose a challenge to other Secondary Schools in order to expand the high standards throughout Tanzania.

Quality education provided by the Rosminian Fathers

The educational projects of the Rosminian Fathers are known for their good value and high-quality construction. They include establishments of pre-primary, primary school, high school and vocational training centers all over the parishes worldwide.
In Lushoto, where Cathy Hammer Secondary School is located, the Congregation established a Pre-primary and a Primary School in 2009. The Ministry of Education awarded the primary school with the highest mark given by the report. The primary school has produced pupils who proceed to Secondary schools with a good level of confidence and satisfaction.

Due to this good quality education the parents requested to extend the establishment with a Secondary School during a parents meeting on 15th of January 2015.

Project Plan

The construction of Cathy Hammer Secondary School has started in March 2021 thanks to the financial support of Hammer Family from Munich (Germany). Cathy is the name of the late mother of Hans Hammer, the father of Hammer Family, to whom the name of this school is dedicated. With the funding received so far, we were able to make the school operational and initiate teaching lessons in the laboratory building for the first class in January 2023.

We expect to finalize the classroom building and moving in with class teaching by middle of 2023. By January 2024, we intend to have all classroom works in the Classroom Block. The school is set up as a day-school and intends to further expand to a boarding school in the future. At the time of running its full operational capacity the school will educate a total of 480 students.
In the final set-up, the school will offer the following facilities to the students, teachers and other staff:

  • Main building with 12 classrooms, 3 offices and 6 toilets
  • Laboratory building for practical education and courses in the subjects Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography
  • Library with a selection of study books, computer room and study rooms for project writing
  • Administration block with offices
  • Sport ground 
  • Dining hall with kitchen
  • Two toilet blocks for girls and boys with additional changing rooms
  • Girl’s and boy’s dormitory to host up to 480 students

In order to allow Cathy Hammer Secondary School to run at full capacity, more buildings are required. However, there is a lack of funding for the construction of those. Therefore, we are looking for additional funds to finish the construction according to the intended final school set-up.