Our Community of Supporters

"Our school is a memory of the brave, hard working and beloved mother Cathy Hammer." Fr. Firmati Tarimo

About Family Hammer

The school is dedicated to the passed Cathy Hammer (mother/grandmother of Family Hammer) and her beliefs. She was convinced of the importance to establish a good education especially for girls and an opportunity for them to decide about their own life. Moreover, she strongly believed that friends and family are an essential pillar of a fulfilled life to be taken care of.

With the donation from the Hammer Family and their network of donors, the following project steps could already be achieved or will be achieved soon:

  • Site preparation and setting
  • Laboratory block construction
  • Classroom block construction

The supporters of Cathy Hammer Secondary School comprises a community of donors including the Peter-Osypka-Stiftung and the Rotary Club "Munich K√∂nigsplatz" in Germany.

If you wish to get in contact with Hammer Family and our community of supporters:

Tel. +49 89 720 120
e-mail: [email protected]

Hammer AG
Sylvensteinstrasse 2
81369 Munich

"It is important to be open, tolerant and curious towards other cultures and new ideas while showing compassion for other people."

Cathy Hammer