How to support our project

We are convinced that only together we can realise this project and that every single contribution counts. If you wish to support us, contact us directly: [email protected]

Toilet blocks for girls and boys (plan)

At the moment, the students and staff rely on using the established toilets at the Rosmini Pre and Primary School opposite of the school ground. This situation involves a walking distance from classroom to the washrooms of 600 metres.
Hence, a separate toilet block for both girls and boys on the Cathy Hammer Secondary School premise is needed to avoid longer absences during the class teaching and especially for girls to find hygienic washrooms in proximity.

Library (plan)

The library at a secondary school is a critical knowledge hub where the students develop their research skills, reading habits and gain valuable lifelong skills. Both students and teachers significantly benefit from well-stocked libraries.
The construction of the library is a necessity to support the curriculum and the student’s education by enable independent research and project writing.

Administration block (plan

Throughout the transition phase during 2023 and 2024, the few teachers and administration staff will be using spare classrooms in the laboratory block and classroom block, which are not in use yet. By this approach we try to allocate the available resources and facilities as economically as possible. However, there will be the need for separate offices in the future as the classrooms will be occupied and more staff will be needed to be hired. 
The administration block will be a crucial element to ensure education quality for the long term by planning, organizing, directing and controlling (PODC). In the absence of these functions, the school cannot be operated effectively. 

Dining hall (plan)

The current temporary dining hall will not allow to host all the students when the school will be operated at full capacities. Moreover, it allows only insufficient protection during rain and bad weather.Hence, there will be the need for a proper dining hall suited to the school size.

Dormitories for girls and boys (plan)

Initially, Cathy Hammer Secondary School is run as a day school to meet the immediate needs in Lushoto. On the long term however, it is planned to welcome students without education from the wider Lushoto district and other villages. By this we aim to ensure the overall principle of offering quality and holistic education to whoever needs it. Due to the distances from their homestays, these students will not be able to travel to school on a daily basis. 
Therefore, we will be required to establish two dormitories, one for girls and one for boys, which will allow the students to stay at the school during the whole term. The dormitories will provide the students with opportunities to experience the communal life with discipline and to promote character formation under the circumstances suitable for academic pursuits.