The School

Academic focus

Cathy Hammer Secondary School offers education at secondary levels from Form 1 to Form 4. Students having completed Primary School education from Standard 1 to Standard 7 can enrol at Cathy Hammer Secondary School. The school is set up as a day-school and intends to further expand to a boarding school in the future.

After expected completion of the construction by August 2023, the school will run a total of three classes per form comprising of 40 students each. The intended small class sizes will ensure personal mentoring of the students resulting in a higher quality education.

The curriculum is based on the Tanzanian education regulations for national secondary schools with a strong emphasis on science and technology. This also includes business relevant subjects such as Commerce and Book-keeping as well as Arts for the students to acquire experience relevant to the continued academic education and work environment.

Besides classroom teaching, the curriculum involves sports lessons for both girls and boys. These physical activities include outdoor football and netball. 

"Students will be best prepared for their continued academic path, future work and social life through the experience and commitment offered at Cathy Hammer Secondary School." 

Fr. Firmati Tarimo, School Manager


Cathy Hammer Secondary School is located within Lushoto township just two kilometres from the town centre. It is found right next to the Lushoto District Hospital and is situated next to the Rosmini Pre and Primary School. This again supports a smooth transition from the Primary School to the Secondary School education following a comprehensive holistic education.

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A typical day at Cathy Hammer Secondary School

Every day at 7:30 am the students arrive at Cathy Hammer Secondary School.

Before starting the class, they assemble together and start the day with a morning prayer and important announcements for the day. 

After morning prayer, it’s time to clean and prepare the school ground and the classrooms.

The classes usually start at 8:00 am. Throughout the day, the students attend eight lessons in total. 

To mark the beginning and the end of each school lesson, the designated timekeeper is ringing the school bell.

The moments in between the lessons have their own importance. It allows the students to cultivate friendship and to exchange.

During the morning break, the young men and women are served with chai and breakfast that has been prepared in the school kitchen. 

This is where the preparations for lunch are running at full steam, right after the students have returned to their classes.

Every day a healthy and balanced meal with fresh ingredients is prepared. 

Some fruits and vegetables are grown in the school garden.

Every day the headteacher / teachers and the students are sharing lunch time together.

One significant tradition at Cathy Hammer Secondary School is the prayer before and after every meal.

Before going back to the classroom, the students are responsible for cleaning the dining hall and their dishes.

Then, the afternoon teaching starts. The teaching at Cathy Hammer Secondary School involves not only frontal teaching… 

…but also groupwork in order to foster social skills.

From form 1 the students start to engage in practical laboratory courses.

As well the physical strength is challenged every Friday before the young men and women leave for the weekend. 

After another educative and insightful day at Cathy Hammer Secondary School, it is then time for the students to go home and to study for their tests of the upcoming week.

School Management

School Manager

Fr. Firmati Tarimo

Head of School

Mr Kalist Massawe

Assistant Head of School

Mme Agnes Kika

School Organisation


Mme Zawadi Bushiri


Mr Victor Tillya

Patron / Matron

Mr Adam Yahaya / Mme Zawadi Bushiri

Social Affairs

Mr Henry Lung'aro

Guidance & Council

Mr Victor Tillya

Child Protocol Officers

Mr Kalist Massawe / Madame Agnes Kika

Sports Affairs

Mr Adam Yahaya